Winter Weather/School Closing

BCLUW is using JMC for Winter Weather/School Closing information. Parents will need to log in to their JMC Family Portal to set up which phone numbers and emails they want to receive notifications.

If daycare providers would like to receive notifications, please send an email to Jason Freeseman ( with the emails and phone numbers to include.

School closure announcements will continue to be made to KWWL (7), WHO (13), and KCCI (8) television stations/websites, as well as the KFJB (AM-1230), KDAO (AM-1190), and KXIA (FM-101) radio stations.

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, especially during the winter. The following are guidelines that will be followed in making these decisions. When bad weather threatens, as early as possible, weather and road condition information will be gathered from various sources and through personal inspection by school personnel. BCLUW's transportation director and superintendent check road conditions throughout the district, share information, and typically prepare a recommendation prior to 6:30 AM. The superintendent then notifies various media outlets.

Start, delay, or cancel? How do we decide? The safety of students and employees is the overriding deciding factor. We are sensitive to the needs of working parents who try to minimize the time students may be home without supervision. When we cancel or delay, all preschool through grade 12 programs are included. Information regarding extra-curricular activities is announced separately. When we delay start times, a morning delay is typically two hours. Whenever BCLUW’s classes are delayed there will be no morning preschool class and no breakfast will be served. 

Why we would decide to dismiss early? If very dangerous weather (freezing rain or a blizzard) develops or is imminent, or unique circumstances (power outage or breakdown of a heating system) threaten student safety, early dismissal will be announced. Children normally transported on buses will be returned by bus according to the early dismissal schedule unless other arrangements have been previously made and communicated to your child’s teacher and/or school.

IMPORTANT - IT IS CRITICAL DURING BAD WEATHER THAT TELEPHONE LINES TO THE SCHOOL BE KEPT OPEN FOR EMERGENCIES. Please try to avoid calling your child’s school to ask about delays or closing. Instead, please check the above-mentioned media outlets. Unless you see or hear an official announcement, assume that the school is running as usual.

If we use emergency routes in the morning, we will also use emergency routes in the afternoon. Generally, if the county has placed an embargo on gravel roads, we will be using emergency routes. At other times if we feel snow and soft, wet conditions of the gravel roads are a safety concern, we will use the emergency routes.

What you can do to assure your child’s comfort and safety. The superintendent decides whether school will be in session. However, it is your decision as a parent whether you want your child to attend school on any given day due to conditions, and we are aware that things like weather, fog, and road conditions can vary by location across counties and the school district. Have alternate childcare plans in place that are well-understood by your children. Should they go to a neighbor’s house? Will a babysitter or another approved person pick them up? Do they have a key to the house and know how to reach you? Know and post the school’s start and end times.

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