All teachers and administrators of this facility are by law considered mandatory reporters of child abuse that occurs in the home environment or a care provider. The three definitions of child abuse are namely: physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect, and are directed to the “person responsible for the care of a child.”

Code 402.3  For alleged child abuse by school district employees, the building principal is the initial Level One Investigator.

The District will utilize a local Sheriff’s Department or other authorized entity to provide a Level Two Investigator if needed.

Primary Investigators

Elementary  |  Mr. Parker  |  641-366-2811

Middle School  |  Mr. Borgman  |  641-486-5371

High School  |  Mr. Tack  |  641-366-2810

Alternate Investigators

Elementary  |  Mr. Borgman  |  641-486-5371

Middle School  |  Mr. Tack  |  641-366-2810

High School  |  Mr. Parker  |  641-366-2811

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