BCLUW Fitness Center

BCLUW is opening the fitness center (for limited use and a small fee) to community members to help promote health and fitness and as an attraction for our community. We are proud of the large investment recently made by our district into new equipment for the facility and while the top priority will remain for student use, we are prepared to allow others in the community to take advantage of this opportunity.

The annual fees collected go towards things such as utility costs associated with opening the facility outside school hours, upkeep of equipment, and periodic deep cleaning. Users will be responsible for helping to keep the fitness center clean and organized on a daily basis in order for us to continue this program for the community.

$150  |  Single membership (in-district)

$50  |  College students (must show college ID)

$0  |  BCLUW Athletic Coach (in at least one official/paid position) 

$50  |  BCLUW Employee (other)

$250  |  Single membership (out-of-district)

To purchase an annual membership, please complete the Release of Liability & Membership form and return it with your payment to the Superintendent.

For complete rules and procedures, please see the Use Procedure & Membership Rules document.

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